The Most Picturesque In America: Charleston, SC

Charleston is a true gem. Friendly people, beautiful architecture and more character than the protagonist of your favorite novel. There’s something in the air that makes this stunning little South Carolina town extraordinarily magnetic. Perhaps it’s the sense of timelessness or the laid back, happy go lucky ambiance. Whether you come for a day, a week or a month it’s impossible to tire of this southern treasure.

charl 4

From the second you set foot in Charleston, you can’t help but fall in love with its muted charisma. It doesn’t have the glittering lights of New York City or the polished glow of Los Angeles, but Charleston’s timeless beauty captures the heart and puts a spring in the step of anyone visiting its quaint streets.


Some of the must-see places in Charleston include, the French Quarter, the battery and the waterfront park. Downtown Charleston’s King Street offers the perfect mix of charming boutiques and well-known fashion chains, as well as countless dining options. The Historic Charleston City Market operates daily and is the perfect place to mix with locals and get your hands on unique hand-made souvenirs, such as the famous Charleston sweet grass baskets.


I visited Charleston in the fall time. The temperature was perfect – sunny and crisp, but not freezing cold either. Perfect for wandering around outside and taking in everything this amazing city has to offer. The golden autumn colors and piles of amber leaves made the city even more picturesque. The most amazing collection of mansions and homes can be seen dotted around the city. Each sunset seems more magnificent than the last. The kind of place you want to roll down the street in a jeep blaring country tunes. A perfect marriage of Southern charm and modern luxury.


I can’t recommend this enchanting place enough and hope I get to go back sometime soon! From the lovely people to the stunning architecture, Charleston is pure magic.



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