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5 Lady Bosses That Prove Anything Is Possible

Remember ladies, the sky's the limit & you are capable of anything.

There are countless women out there today doing amazing things across a variety of fields. The rise of the modern “Lady Boss” proves that women are capable of achieving great things in every single area. From leading digital rebrands of print magazines to creating multi-million dollar beauty brands, read on to find out what some of the most successful business women of today are accomplishing. Remember, the sky’s the limit, ladies!

  1. Emily Weiss


Founder of the pioneering beauty website Into The Gloss and CEO of revolutionary beauty brand Glossier, 31-year old Emily Weiss is a true beauty genius. Launching Into The Gloss while working at Vogue, Weiss would wake up at 4 am each morning to produce content for the site in its early days. Before long, the site which provides a unique insight into the beauty cabinets of some of the world’s most famous faces, took off allowing Weiss to leave her job to focus on further developing Into The Gloss. Armed with an arsenal of insider knowledge gained from talking beauty with some of the world’s influential women, Weiss set out to great her own beauty brand, Glossier, in 2013. Glossier, known for it’s simple, clean branding instantly became a hit. With over half a million Instagram followers and a cult following, Glossier is well on it’s way to becoming one of the most popular brands on the market today.

2. Marissa Carter


Taking over the world one bottle of tan at a time, Marissa Carter, founder and CEO of the Irish tanning brand Cocoa Brown has managed to cultivate an elite group loyal customers, from Khloe Kardashian to Selena Gomez. However, just because Cocoa Brown is a celeb-loved brand doesn’t mean it is out of reach of the average consumer, costing less than $15 a bottle. From humble beginnings in Dublin, Ireland, Marissa Carter and her much-loved brand are taking over the world with Cocoa Brown now being sold in Ireland, Britain, Sweden, America, Australia and more.

3. Elaine Welteroth


As one of the youngest Editor-In-Chief’s in the publishing industry, Elaine Welteroth has led Teen Vogue through an elegant digital transformation, seeing an increase in social and political coverage in the magazine and the development of an engaging social media presence. Joining Teen Vogue in 2012 as Beauty & Health Director, Welteroth’s talent quickly saw her rise up the ranks at the iconic publication. In a world where traditional legacy publications often struggle to successfully move into the digital space, under Welteroth’s watchful eye, the publication has flourished and received critical acclaim for its coverage of important social issues.

4. Sheryl Sandberg


Women are still underrepresented in the tech industry, but thankfully powerhouses like Sheryl Sandberg are starting to change perceptions and prove that women are a force to be reckoned with within STEM related fields. In her current role of Chief Operating Officer at Facebook, Sandberg is one of the most influential women in the tech industry. Along with this, she’s also a best-selling author and founder or, a website and organization dedicated to helping women achieve their goals and encouraging women to support and inspire each other through coordinating peer groups.

5. Sophia Amoruso


From repeatedly shoplifting and struggling to afford medical care for a hernia, Sophia Amoruso has overcome great barriers. The mastermind behind the massively successful Nasty Gal online clothing store started the brand as an eBay store while working as a security guard, a job she took only because it offered health insurance allowing her to treat her hernia. While Nasty Gal has been in financial difficulty in recent times, the brand generated almost 23 million dollars in revenue at its peak. As one of the “richest self-made women”, according to Forbes, Amoruso has certainly come a long way. With a bestselling novel and Netflix show exploring her life, Amoruso is undoubtedly worthy of the title of “Girl Boss”. ­

Hi! My name is Aisling and I'm a 22-year Irish girl living in Sydney, Australia. Born and raised in Dublin, I moved to the United States when I was 19 to study. After completing my degree & spending a year working in America, I decided to utilize my dual Irish-New Zealand citizenship and moved here to Sydney.

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