Review: Korres Wild Rose Brightening & Line Smoothing Serum

  • Available to order online for Europe HERE and America HERE
  • Designed for face and eye area
  • Moisturizing, soothing and brightening
  • Cruelty free

This Wild Rose Brightening & Line Soothing Serum, by the Greek skincare brand Korres, has firmly established itself as one of my all-time favorite serums. Currently on my second bottle, this serum designed for both the face and under eye area, utilizes powerful natural ingredients that have been used in Greek apothecaries for centuries to deliver seriously impressive results.

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Free from nasty parabens and harsh filler ingredients commonly found in skincare products, this serum is delightfully nourishing and brimming with skin-loving plant-based ingredients, such as rose, grape seed and sunflower extracts. I stumbled upon this serum at Sephora, while on the hunt for another product, but the combination of natural ingredients and pretty packaging was too much for me to pass by.

With skin on the drier side, I apply 1-2 pumps of this serum to my face in the evening after cleansing and toning my skin. In the morning my skin looks smooth and fresh, exuding a subtle luminescence. As a 22-year old, the “line smoothing” component wasn’t something I was measuring, but the serum certainly improved my skin’s texture, increasing brightness and adding moisture. The skin around my eyes has a tendency to be puffy in the mornings, but I’ve noticed my undereye area looks taut and free of dark circles when I wake up since re-introducing this product into my routine.

I’ve been traveling and generally stressing a lot the last few weeks, something which my skin hasn’t been shy of letting the world know. After a few days of applying this serum, I look like I’ve been getting ten hours of sleep a night, eating abundant vegetables and maybe even taken up daily meditation.

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The serum itself has a distinct rose smell and is a beige color. It feels slightly sticky after application and leaves a shiny finish on the skin, so it is best applied at night. I don’t think it would sit too well under makeup, since it does take quite a while to absorb. The pump makes it easy and hygienic to apply, preventing the product from oxidizing and being exposed to bacteria that may be on your hand.

The skin around my eyes is extremely sensitive and often when I apply product there, the skin ends up getting irritated, but this serum was really gentle, leaving the skin hydrated and smooth. As for the rest of my face, the skin developed a noticeable brightness and clarity after just a few days. With anti-oxidant brightening ingredients such as vitamin C, provitamin b5 and ginseng extract, this serum is a force to be reckoned with.

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I’ve been so happy with the results of this serum, that I haven’t been using any other products on top of it. Skincare can seem so complicated these days, so I love being able to kill two birds with one stone by using this serum on both my face and around my eye area. My skin is quite sensitive and doesn’t react well to products with harsh or pore blocking ingredients. This serum doesn’t contain any of the nasties reasonable for this such as petroleum, mineral oil and silicones. Everytime I look in the mirror, I am surprised by how clear, even and healthy my skin looks.

After experiencing an obvious improvement in the quality of my skin, I am eager to try more Korres products. Let me know in the comments if you have tested any other items in their skincare offerings!


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