Review: Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Masks

  • Hydrating and full of nourishing ingredients
  • Inexpensive – less than 3Euro each
  • Purchase from Europe HERE and America HERE 
  • Not cruelty-free

I’ve been wanting to try Garnier’s Moisture Bomb Tissue Masks ever since they hit the European market a few months ago. However, I was never able to find them in stores in the USA and never got around to ordering them online. When I spotted them in my local Boots here in Ireland, I eagerly grabbed two masks from the collection, the Super-Hydrating Revitalising Mask for Hydrated Skin and the Super-Hydrating Re Balancing Mask for Normal to Combination Skin.

My skin is somewhat sensitive and prone to dryness, but my t-zone can get oily at times and I tend to get breakouts in that area. I am always on the hunt for hydrating products, as it helps soothe my dry areas and I find if my skin is moisturized, it doesn’t produce as much oil.

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The masks come in square packets, I was actually surprised how large the packets are. The instructions on how to apply the mask are really helpful and there’s an explanation of the key ingredients and the mask’s benefits.

I had been waiting for quite some time to try these masks, so my expectations were hopeful. For a cheaper product, the packaging is very nice with a lot helpful information and instructions on how to properly use the mask. Great for someone who perhaps hasn’t tried a sheet mask before and is unsure of how they work.

For a less expensive product, the ingredients are great. The combinations of hyaluronic acid, plant extracts and oils yielded pleasant hydration to the skin.

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In terms of ease of application, these masks are among the best I’ve ever used. Whenever I apply a sheet mask, I’m always worried I’m putting it on the wrong way, preventing my skin from reaping all the benefits. These Garnier masks eliminate this worry by telling you to apply the mask with the removable blue film facing outwards.

I loved the consistency of the tissue, it gently hugged my face and had an almost velvety feel. Garnier claim these masks are equal to one week’s worth of serum. There was a lot of product on the sheet. Despite the amount of product, the mask didn’t feel gloopy, nor did it drip. It stayed perfectly in place and didn’t move around, like some masks do when they contain a lot of serum.

The packet suggests leaving the mask on for 15-minutes, but eager for maximum hydration I left both masks on for almost 25. Some masks dry out after a few minutes, but even after 20, these ones had loads of moisture left. With both of these masks, my skin looked visibly more hydrated after removing the tissue.


Super-Hydrating Revitalising Mask for Hydrated Skin

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Overall, I really liked this mask. It was easy to apply and my skin looked great after removing it. I applied this mask in the early afternoon before leaving the house and I would advise against doing this, as my skin felt very sticky afterwards. Not in an unpleasant way, but I when I tried to apply my day cream a few minutes later, it balled up. My skin did feel moisturized, but I think there may be a little too much glycerin in the mask, because of the stickiness. My skin felt hydrated throughout the day, which I appreciated, as sometimes my skin can get quite dry during the day. Considering the low price, I do think this mask is great. Perhaps it would be better to apply it at night, when you don’t have to worry about looking like an oil slick.

Super-Hydrating Re Balancing Mask for Normal to Combination Skin.

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Out of the two, I can easily say I preferred this mask. My skin felt slightly tacky after removing the mask, but I was able to apply my day cream within thirty minutes. The serum absorbed quickly, leaving my skin soft and bouncy. My skin looked bright and clean, with a slight glowy sheen that lasted throughout the day. The redness was taken out of the blemishes on my face, making them way less obvious. My sensitive skin felt soothed and calm. This mask claims to mattify the skin. However, as I mentioned, my skin had a slight sheen in the hours after removing the mask. I actually liked this, because it made my skin look dewy and fresh. But I’m not so sure that it delivered a mattifying effect. The pores on my nose, which can get a little congested, looked as if they’d been cleaned out and closed back up. I enjoyed the cleansing, yet moisturizing capabilities of this mask and I would definitely purchase it again.

While, I wouldn’t classify either of these masks as life changing, holy grail products, I did enjoy using them and found them excellent for their price point. They were easy to apply, relaxing and delivered   For under 3Euro a piece, you really can’t go wrong. Try ‘em out and let us know in the comments how you find them!

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