Don’t Mask It: Lush’s ‘Mask of Magnaminty’.

  • Part of regular line worldwide.
  • Online here (IE / UK), here (U.S.A) and here (AU).
  • Comes in 125g or 315g.
  • Good price for quantity.
  • Also available in self-preserving formula.
  • Non-vegan, cruelty free.

Facemasks are the most flexible form of skincare for everyone – price, texture, format, ingredients,  everything. Go low-end or high-end. Leave it on for twenty minutes or two hours. A form of self-care, a way to unwind, something with near instantaneous effects. Nothing makes me feel I have my life more together like applying a facemask, it’s an oddly productive-feeling.

As with all skincare, each person favours that one particular jar or tub they need constantly on their shelf – their “holy grail”. For me, it’s a clay-based product I’ve used for over five years now to soothe redness and combat oils. Well-loved and well-known — the ‘Mask of Magnaminty’ from Lush. This facemark has seen my skin transition from unstable, oily and blotchy to a far more even complexion with less breakouts. The smell alone makes me feel more awake after using this.

Known to many Lush consumers as a ‘go-to’, this cool green paste is full of natural and nourishing ingredients. Aduki beans and evening primrose seeds offer a natural exfoliation and stimulating peppermint oil awaken blood cells beneath your skin, combatting tired and dull skin. The two key ingredients for me personally are the use of kaolin clay to absorb oils and cleanse skin, along with a dose of honey for antibacterial benefits and calming breakouts. The ingredients create a mask capable of working on any skin type needing to feel fresh again.


When I need an intense masking session, a thick coating of ‘Magnaminty’ all over my face does wonders for me. It creates a lovely tingling sensation not long after being applied, as the peppermint oil gets to work. When washing the mask off, massaging in circular motions really makes the most of the natural exfoliation in the aduki beans and evening primrose seeds. It checks everything I want in a clay-based mask – soothing, exfoliating and sucking dirt from pores. It can also be used on the rest of your body too if you’re lacking confidence in the appearance of your skin anywhere else. I find myself leaving this mask on until it starts to dry and crack to feel my skin has really benefitted from the honey, kaolin and peppermint oil. This can make washing it off a little messier however. Also, if your skin starts feeling dry afterwards, using a hydrating serum sorts that out right away and rounds it off. As a note, the self-preserving version of ‘Magaminty’ contains more honey, making a wetter texture and can feel less drying afterwards.


‘Mask of Magnaminty’ is also a product that you need to give time using it, before you see clearer results. As the kaolin clay deeply cleanses skin, it pulls all the bacteria and dirt right out to the surface where it can form pimples and spots. Though this detoxing process can be unsettling to some, it does mean that the mask is doing it’s job and continued use over time sees less and less of this. I can never believe how soft my skin feels afterwards too, as dead skin cells are ground away for a glowing complexion, making it useful for patches of dry skin also. It leaves my skin feeling so clean overall though – smooth, calm and fresh.


Quick, not too dirty and fairly cheap for a product that lasts as long as this mask does. For the days when you really feel you need a pick-me-up. There’s a reason it’s got such love in the Lush community and further afield, holding it’s own with other natural masks on the market at the moment – it’s a bit of a classic choice.



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